British wildlife is the inspiration for my work, it constantly surrounds us and is a major part of our world. Yet we mostly only ever see glimpses of them and they’re often ignored or thought as separate from us as we go about our lives. Through my wire work I hope to bring out the beauty and wonder of movement and form of British wildlife by transforming them into works of art for people to view and appreciate in a hope that they will do the same for their real-life counterparts.


email – rosemarycraftdesign@gmail.com

instagram – rosemarycraft

telephone number – 07817 599422



E4 art heritage trail- 24th – 27th September 2019

Jk gallery autumn exhibition- 6th September- 6th October 2019

Craftsmanship festival stall and 30 minute demonstration- 15th & 16th June 2019

website article- http://sculpturedigest.com/wire-sculpture-rosemarycraft/

Manchester craft and design centre young makers award- 22nd December- 28th April 2019

JK group exhibition award June 8th- December 16th 2019

vertical gallery at Manchester metropolitan university june 8th- 6th july 2018

Manchester metropolitan degree show june 8th- 6th july 2018