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Crafted from pure bamboo, this eco-friendly hairbrush offers a holistic approach to hair care, suitable for everyone from those with flowing locks to individuals sporting rugged beards. The bamboo brush is celebrated not only for its environmental benefits but also for its ability to enhance hair health, contributing to reduced hair loss and the elimination of dandruff.

Embracing a sustainable and simplistic lifestyle, this brush serves multiple purposes, effectively catering to all hair types with just one product!


  • Constructed from 100% natural bamboo
  • Bamboo boasts anti-microbial and hypoallergenic qualities
  • Rounded bristles for gentle scalp stimulation without static buildup
  • Highlight: Static buildup, common with synthetic brushes, can weaken hair roots. This bamboo brush ensures your hair remains vibrant and strong.

Care Instructions:

Clean with warm water and mild soap. To maintain its pristine condition, you may apply a small amount of natural oil after cleaning, which will preserve the brush’s original luster and smooth finish.


  • Bamboo hairbrush (large): 18 cm x 4.5 cm; perfect for managing and detangling long hair.
  • Bamboo hairbrush (small): 10 cm x 3 cm; designed for short hair and beard grooming.


Proudly crafted in India, promoting local craftsmanship and sustainable practices.


  • Large variant: Rs. 299/- inclusive of all taxes
  • Small variant: Rs. 199/- inclusive of all taxes

This bamboo hairbrush not only cares for your hair but also supports a sustainable lifestyle, making it a must-have for eco-conscious individuals.




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